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Hi y'all!

This is Mo from the class of '86. Since the bulk of us have left Winter Park, Orlando, FL, and some of us, the US, I was wondering if we could start gathering info as to who's where? and who's doing what?

Let me throw out some leads: Margaret O'Sullivan, Bob Boyd, Mark Perez, Olga Viso, Dagmara Z, Mark La Fontaine(III?), Kim McDowell, Maria Quinones, Chris Hampton, Amy Fiedling, Denise Mitchell, Connie Riggs, Liz Seymour, Beth Howell, Ed Cohen, Alan Nordstrom, etc, etc,. I must be getting old, for I've started forgetting names and faces. Ray, where are you?

Please help, one and all.

Mohamed I Rawahy, '86

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